Moji Ghodoussi, PhD

Dr. Ghodoussi is founder and Chief Technology Officer of Interface Surgical IST's founder Moji Ghodoussi, PhD Technologies, LLC. Dr. Ghodoussi has held senior positions with Computer Motion, the company that created many of the medical robotic, networking, and voice control technologies that are still unparalleled and in use today. At Computer Motion, Inc. he was the director of technology development and tele-medicine, as well as next generation platform development. From 2000-2004 as head of the Tele-medicine and Tele-surgery group, he led the developments of the Zeus® Tele-surgery system (See Patents). For the first time in history, using this technology, Surgeon and patient were not in the same room, city, country or even continent. On this day surgeons in New York successfully operated on their patient while she was in the operating room in Strasbourg, France her hometown – 4000 miles away! This historic event was named the medical breakthrough of the year.

From Oct. 2001 until January 2004 Dr. Ghodoussi was the Principal Investigator and project lead for a $2,000,000 NIST/ATP award titled "A New Concept for Minimally Invasive Surgical Training Using Robotics and Tele-Collaboration". This concept would revolutionize surgical training for the advanced surgeons adopting surgical robotics such as Zeus or da Vinci of Intuitive Surgical.

Prior to Computer Motion, he was with Astro Aerospace, a division of Northrop Grumman. At Astro he was in charge of dynamics analysis and motion control of the “Mobile Transporter” as part of the international space station development. Mobile Transporter was launched to space in 2002.







See patent #6,785,593 issued in the field of tele-robotic surgery


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